Deep breaths.

The other night I was reading myself to sleep as usual when I came across this amusing little passage:

It was in the latest Isabel Dalhousie novel by Alexander McCall Smith.

Anyway, I like this because I’ve read and practised just enough mindfulness meditation and yoga to know how truly excellent was the advice of Miss Gilchrist.

The trick is to remind myself to do this. To take a deep breath before facing any challenge, large or small.

I once read in a book called Issues In Your Tissues, written by a massage therapist in Hawaii, the following advice: “When in doubt, throw your belly out.” It actually works wonders to quickly push my belly out just as I’m about to take a deep breath in.

I wonder if the wise Miss Gilchrist practiced this nifty little technique…?

#deepbreath #breathe #meditation #yoga #AlexanderMcCallSmith #IssuesInYourTissues

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