Helping hands!

Yesterday I needed to stage our house for the realtor to come take photos to publish with the listing online. It was a lot to do in one day, and I felt pretty overwhelmed in the morning.

Imagine the relief I felt when a kind friend from church came to the door with a truckload of boxes for me!

Imagine further, if you can, my delight upon seeing her house slippers and packing tape dispenser in the bottom of the last box I brought inside!!

She stayed hours helping me declutter, organize, and set up room after room in my house for public viewing… She has more experience and knowledge about all this than I have; which she kindly shared with me as we went.

When the realtor came to the door in the evening, he immediately said he could see a big difference had been effected since he was last here, just a few days ago. As he was leaving, he said to me that the house had been very well staged!

Mission accomplished. Thanks in very large part to my good sister who was so willing to lend me her helping hands just when I needed an a extra pair!

#lds #Christian #reliefsociety #visitingteaching #service #blessed

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