Good Friday.

Why is this day called ‘good’…?

It’s simple. This is the day we commemorate our Saviour Jesus Christ giving His life for each and all of us. All the human family. His brothers and sisters.

“He came to pay a debt He did not owe, because we owed a debt we could not pay.”

It’s as simple as that. And the only explanation is God’s love. Pure and perfect.

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Spring Break

Here’s how I’m currently feeling about the weather outside, in contrast to how I wish I were feeling about the weather outside:

Note the painfully obvious distinction; while both images are of sheep, outdoors, the first one appears to have had enough of winter for the time being. Meanwhile, the happy little lamb pictured on the right is basking in the glories of early spring.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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Sourdough etc.

Here’s what greeted me this morning when I went down to the kitchen:

Right! I clearly forgot to refrigerate my starter last night. Here’s why…

I normally bake two loaves each day; the two I started (mixed up and stretched and began fermenting the dough) the day before. Each time I use some of my starter to prepare a new batch of bread dough, I feed it (the starter) with more flour and water. Then I stir it up, leave it to get growing on the kitchen counter for a few hours, and then refrigerate it to slow down the growth until I’m ready to use it again.

If I overfeed it, it simply outgrows its living space. (exhibit “A”)

So yesterday afternoon I used some excess starter in another recipe. Then I fed the remainder late in the day and left it out on the counter to get growing. Then proceeded to forget it hadn’t been refrigerated and went off to bed.

Here’s the good part; what I made with the ‘extra’ starter I had yesterday. (Ironically, I did this to prevent overflow from occurring in my kitchen.)

Fried Sourdough Breads

Gently ( so as not to break the little bubbles in it) pour/spoon little blobs of starter into hot coconut oil (or bacon fat) in a fry pan. Cook over medium heat, turning when first side is barely golden. When the next side is done, cool them on paper towel before serving. Or eating.

Spread with honey, jam, or cheese.

I cannot personally attest to the deliciousness of these little breads, but I have it on plenty of good authority that they go down a treat.

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Making art.

When my own children were babies, my kind mother-in-law urged me to do something for myself. She saw me in the throes of full-time mothering, and while I was loving it, she had the wisdom and foresight to encourage me to take some time out to fill my own cup. Not only that, she treated me to art courses!

I very much enjoyed my 16 weeks of drawing and watercolour lessons. And I’ve spent many happy hours in the years since then drawing and painting…

So I can fully appreciate the pleasure my little friends derive from making art. It’s also one of my own favourite parts of dayhome.

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Me the sheep.

I have a Pinterest page whereon I collect images of sheep, because I can’t help myself.

When we were little girls on the farm, we each had a sheep named after ourselves; and when they were sheared, our Aunty Mona spun and wove us scarves from their wool. Maybe that’s where my mild but steady fixation with these wooly little creatures began.

Maybe it also has something to do with the Bible, and Jesus being the Good Shepherd. My soul responds readily to being His… under his loving care is a nice place to be!

Either way, here are a few of my favourite sheep pictures; these ones make me smile because they remind me very much of my days with the little ones who come under MY care. xoxo

(Frequently, I open my door to just such a sight 😉

(I am flattered to be such a favourite spot to sit; whether it’s story time or quiet time, my lap is in great demand 😉

(On days when I only have a few wee ones, I like taking them out trekking!)

(Guess which one is me in this photo 😉

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Writing it out.

I just realized I haven’t written here in- a few days?…

I am learning that ignoring stress and negative emotions like anger doesn’t mean they’re not real, and it doesn’t make them go away. Naturally, I don’t like to feel upset, but it’s gradually becoming clear to me that recognizing and accepting sad or mad feelings is the first step to leaving them behind.

Therapeutic writing; who knew?

Then, thank Heaven, there’s prayer.


While perfection in general is generally understood to be pretty unattainable by us mortals, perfection in certain things certainly comes within our grasp.

One such example is this simple family recipe:

I wrote it out again on a clean recipe card, which is a good thing, because the original card it was written on carried physical evidence of its popularity!

I realize that the perfect chocolate chip cookie may conjure up different images for different people; I’m just saying- these ones are universally loved around here.

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