The humble onion.

Ah, onions. The bane of childhood dinner times for how many of us? I don’t personally recall ever having been averse to them, but not until well into my adulthood did I begin to grasp just how yummy they can be, as actual food.


I now appreciate the variety of onions available, and the different ways to cook them. They can be delicious; far from just something to be chopped fine and hidden in spaghetti sauce to enhance the flavour!

But here is the best tribute to onions that I know… (true story)

An old farmer’s wife once said that if her husband was coming in for dinner before she had it ready, and she didn’t want him to be anxious as well as hungry, she simply did the following (in order to soothe his senses into complacency that the meal was actually forthcoming… set the table, and fry an onion!

My Valentine.

My good husband did his best to make the 14th sweet for me, in spite of the tragedy of the previous evening…

I feel I could live a long time just drinking in the fragrance of fresh red roses.

Here they are, in the next morning’s bright snowy sunshine. Makes my heart happy, every time.

I enjoyed the dinner he cooked for me, with beeswax candlelight (thank you Mom!)… but my favourite part of our date was dancing to our favourite love songs later in the evening.

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Yesterday a young girl we know died suddenly from a totally unexpected, weather-related accident.

Life is precious, and so fragile, isn’t it…?

Just because we and our loved ones are here, safe and healthy today, doesn’t necessarily mean we all will be tomorrow.

I know death isn’t the end; everyone returns to heaven and God after passing from this life. Still, it’s heartbreaking to lose someone we love.

My heart and prayers are with my friend and her family.

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To bangs or not to bangs…?

I have an on-again-off-again relationship with bangs in my hair. I know- who really cares? Well, it turns out other women share this love-hate style of indecisiveness around this silly little issue.

Currently, I am wearing some bangs cut above my eyebrow which were inspired by images like these ones:

Needless to say, I myself am not a retro-friendly highly photogenic model. Nevertheless, I hoped for something like this when I recently had my professional haircut including a proper bangs trim.

Alas, shortly after my bath last night, I took the towel off my hair (it had been wrapped up turban-style to dry a bit before bed) and this is what I saw when I looked in the mirror:

Yes. A row of five funny curls- going up and around, barely deigning to touch my forehead on their way back down. It was pretty funny.

The moral of the story? Know your hair before your cut!

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Elk soup with rutabaga, carrots, onions, garlic, and kale. I made it with beef bone broth and a little apple cider vinegar, dried thyme leaves and some Himalayan salt.

I am trying to follow the Autoimmune Protocol, which is tricky. Delicious elk meat from my brother-in-law who hunts really helps! So does an Instant Pot from my dear children and the ever-ready freeze-dried kale from Thrive, which I learned about from my very thrifty mom!

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Snow much fun!

(us at the beginning)

We did it again! We loved it so much last year that we signed up for another snowshoeing hike at Beauvais Lake…

Last year was my first time snowshoeing; I’m thankful for the women from church who made it happen. I really enjoyed it, and went on a snowshoeing date with my husband up to Bertha Falls in Waterton a little later last winter. So naturally I was keen to go out again when the Relief Society trip came around this time.

It was pretty cold to begin with, but dazzlingly beautiful when I could lift my eyes up to look around on the bright sunlit snow. Our guide took us through the woods over an interesting trail, pausing here and there to point out signs of wildlife.

She showed us where deer, elk, and moose had been eating tree bark; where a cougar had recently pounced through the deep snow; where a rabbit had hopped lightly across; and where a squirrel had been scampering when its track suddenly stopped where it had been caught by a bird of prey.

I kept feeling a wish to be able to go out and trek around like this every day. If I did, I’d sure have better leg muscles! It felt great. (us at the end)

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Red Roses.

This morning I received this little hand-drawn valentine from one sweet little 6 year old girl. She was my very first little dayhome baby. Now she’s in school full-time, grade one. Just like that.

I do love red roses; they were my wedding flowers, and in high school I pinned a dozen of them (which I’d hung to dry upside down first) on my bedroom wall- forming the letters of the word LOVE.

What amazes me is how sweet little wee children are to notice and remember and care what Leah’s favourite flowers are.

I am- and I feel it- so very blessed to work with these precious little souls.

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