Basketball, actually.

Growing up, I never cared about competitive sports, especially those involving a ball.

In a grade 10 co-ed phys-ed class my poor old teacher finally just said to me during a class where we were ‘learning’ to play football, “Just follow Keith. If he runs that way, you run that way. If he runs this way, you run this way.” Finally, something I could wrap my non-athletic head around. I don’t know which of us was more relieved that I passed the class. I was done and didn’t ever have to take P.E. again. Something to cheer about.

Imagine my delight when all 3 of our children turned out to love playing ball sports. Go team! Hehe.

Naturally, I have spent many evenings in the past decade watching my son and daughters shed blood, sweat, and tears over what happened to the ball. It’s been fun, actually. I’m a very good spectator mom, I think.

(If you’ve seen me in this role and find my ignorance of sport painfully apparent; in short, if you disagree, kindly allow me to carry on in blissful ignorance.)

Tonight we had a great time watching our youngest daughter play in her first game of this weekend’s home basketball tournament. She’ll be graduating from high school this summer, so everything feels more final, and looking back, I wouldn’t have had it all any other way.

#basketball #mama #children #family #goteam

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