I first became interested in rooibos (red bush) ‘tea’ when I firstbecame enchanted with Alexander McCall Smith’s adorable character, Precious Ramotswe. In case you are unfamiliar with the works of my favourite living author, Precious (we are on a first-name basis) is the main character in the brilliant series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency…

While waiting eagerly for the next instalment, or if too much time elapses between reading one book (about her) and the next, I sometimes feel ‘I just need to spend an hour with Precious!’

Back to her favourite drink; she is frequently to be found brewing a cup of this lovely ‘herbal’ drink. So I had to look into it, and sure enough, it’s caffiene-free. I don’t ever drink black tea, white tea, or green tea, as I understand they are all from the same plant, which produces a very caffeinated beverage. Avoiding these is part of my religion’s health code. Same goes for coffee, alcohol, tobacco etc. Hence, my relief to discover that Precious and I could have something in common!

There are many things we don’t have in common; for instance, she is a black lady who lives happily in her home country of Botswana, while I am a white lady who dwells happily in my home country of Canada.

She has received the traditionally culturally appropriate compliment of being called ‘a very fat lady’ whereas no one has ever thus flattered me.

She is a private detective, whereas I devote my days to and earn my living by caring for little children in my home.

This list could go on almost indefinitely…

So I’m happy to report that whenever I read of Mma Ramostswe sipping her steaming red bush tea, I feel we are, after all- kindred spirits.

#rooibos #herbaltea #AlexanderMcCallSmith #PreciousRamostwe #lds #wordofwisdom #goodbooks #goodfriends

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