Feeling pretty blessed today to have my sisters. They’re the best. I can’t imagine my life without them.

I am the oldest, but not my much! Haha. Actually though, I learn so much from their wisdom; I grow so much in their unconditional love. I have smiled countless smiles and laughed countless laughs with them, so my life is richer by far because they are in it.

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me three wonderful sweet sisters to go through life with.

They advise me, love my family, encourage and inspire me, and motivate me to take good care of myself.

Who else can understand me like the ones I grew up with; who ‘popped out of the same mould’ and are made of the same stuff…?

As the scriptures say about charity, I can say about my sisters… they are long-suffering, kind, unselfish, think the best they can of me…

#sisters #blessed #grateful #love #family

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