Gratitude vs Self-Pity.

I had some testing done last summer and as a result of the results, have had to change the way I eat. This was never fun, but for the first few months I was enthusiastic; hopeful at least. I felt confident it would help.

Then further testing revealed complications that require further dietary limitations. Somehow that was a tipping point for me. It became discouraging and overwhelming.

I started taking breaks from the way I knew I should be feeding my body. Wavering in my willingness and commitment to do what it takes.

Today I did some motivational reading and gave myself a much needed pep-talk. Instead of just feeling sorry for myself because of what I can’t eat (which IS a lot) I decided I need to try and cultivate some gratitude for the knowledge I have and the means afforded me to improve my health!

How many people the world over have similar health challenges and don’t know what to do, much less have the means and support to do it?

Gratitude wins.

Hopefully I can eventually resolve these issues and reintroduce many foods that are now off-limits. That’s the plan.

I can still enjoy baking sourdough for people I love!

#autoimmuneprotocol #aip #guthealth #gratitude #sourdough

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