The humble onion.

Ah, onions. The bane of childhood dinner times for how many of us? I don’t personally recall ever having been averse to them, but not until well into my adulthood did I begin to grasp just how yummy they can be, as actual food.


I now appreciate the variety of onions available, and the different ways to cook them. They can be delicious; far from just something to be chopped fine and hidden in spaghetti sauce to enhance the flavour!

But here is the best tribute to onions that I know… (true story)

An old farmer’s wife once said that if her husband was coming in for dinner before she had it ready, and she didn’t want him to be anxious as well as hungry, she simply did the following (in order to soothe his senses into complacency that the meal was actually forthcoming… set the table, and fry an onion!

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