Snow much fun!

(us at the beginning)

We did it again! We loved it so much last year that we signed up for another snowshoeing hike at Beauvais Lake…

Last year was my first time snowshoeing; I’m thankful for the women from church who made it happen. I really enjoyed it, and went on a snowshoeing date with my husband up to Bertha Falls in Waterton a little later last winter. So naturally I was keen to go out again when the Relief Society trip came around this time.

It was pretty cold to begin with, but dazzlingly beautiful when I could lift my eyes up to look around on the bright sunlit snow. Our guide took us through the woods over an interesting trail, pausing here and there to point out signs of wildlife.

She showed us where deer, elk, and moose had been eating tree bark; where a cougar had recently pounced through the deep snow; where a rabbit had hopped lightly across; and where a squirrel had been scampering when its track suddenly stopped where it had been caught by a bird of prey.

I kept feeling a wish to be able to go out and trek around like this every day. If I did, I’d sure have better leg muscles! It felt great. (us at the end)

#snowshoeing #reliefsociety #winterfun

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