Back to life!

I had a migrainey kind of week. Missed writing, among several other things! It’s such a beautiful feeling to me when a long migraine is finally over and I can be up and doing things in the light, without an ice pack on my head. I just love it.

I had lots of energy today to celebrate this recovery… and it was such pretty weather here; lots of lovely snow falling lightly all day long.

I remember about 21 years ago I wrote a little spontaneous poem about this very thing. It was published in a book featuring collected works of amateur poets like myself. I never bought a copy of the book, but I think I can recall the lines I penned then.

(I lived about 500km further north back then.)

‘Even up here in cold northern Alberta

We have our own snow angels falling down white,

They come falling down white in the silent dark night, saying

Christmas is coming, and

Christmas is coming, and

Christmas is coming, and

Christmas is here.’

I used to write poems… little comments on snow and hoarfrost, and some very intense ones about more emotional subjects. They just came into my head and out onto the paper, like a relief.

I wonder if I will ever find that happening again. I enjoyed it.

Sorry, no photo of this lovely snowy day. I was shovelling when we went out to play in it this afternoon! Snowy mittens and iPhone cameras are not a good mix.

#grateful #allbetter #wellagain #snowyday #poet #wonder

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