Full face treat!

For Christmas every year, my dayhome clients overwhelm me with their generosity, and how thoughtful their gifts are. This is the kind of families I am blessed to work with.

This winter I was gifted an exciting bundle of self-care gift certificates; just what the doctor ordered!

We enjoyed a lovely Christmastime lunch out with our son at the Firestone restaurant the day after he returned from 2 years in Australia… since then I’ve been enjoying such delightful treats as full manicure, pedicure, relaxing massage, and tonight a facial…

I’d had an Isolaz treatment in a dermatologist’s clinic a few years ago, but never anything like this. It was absolutely delicious! My skin feels brand new, and after an in-depth consultation with a very caring professional, I enjoyed every minute of my customized full facial! This was a first for me, but it definitely won’t be the last time I step through her door.

#ElysianFaceCare #LebelMansion #blessed #grateful #facial #dayhomeclients

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