One pair of socks!

I actually did it. I knitted one pair of toe-up socks. Finished them about half an hour ago, and they aren’t perfect. I wanted them to be. I really tried, but they are still good. Very good for a first try making socks! So I’m going to follow the wise advice, to not let perfect be the enemy of good. My lucky husband will receive one pair of socks for his Valentine gift.

Now, what did they cost me to make? I shudder to think! By the time I bought the merino wool and very long circular knitting needle, and the pattern and videos… it adds up! Then take into account the number of hours I worked on them; the moral of the story is hand-knitted socks are a work of art, a labour of love, but not an economical gift!

And that’s just fine by me.

#asyoulikeit #handmade #knit #toeup #socks #merinowool #gift

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