Most food can be said to be ‘better with butter’. Better-tasting, at least! And I would submit that much of what wouldn’t be improved by the addition of this delectable product of bovine excretions, would certainly be ‘better with bacon’.

For example, I have been trying to incorporate grass-fed beef liver into my diet. Apparently the nutrient content is astronomically high, compared with regular meat. Anyway, one whiff was enough to remind me quickly why liver isn’t the most popular food…

However, I found a couple good recipes online which involve combined bacon, liver, and ground beef. Excellent notion.

Honestly, I often eat the meatballs or patties cold, in the interest of time, as I’m busy during the day!

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“Starting to disappear…”

This is from a page in Alexander McCall Smith’s new book, A Time of Love and Tartan, from the 44 Scotland Street series.

This page is so funny to me because I have three children: an almost-eighteen-year-old; a nineteen-year-old, and a twenty-year-old!

While I am but forty, my husband is 44. Let’s hope we can continue to enjoy our relationships with our children for a few years yet before we vanish.

So good to have them all here together this weekend. xo xo xo

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Spring has sprung…

While the backyard remains a big snowdrift varying in depth from about 3-5 feet, spring arrived at my house today in a brown paper parcel!

One of my dayhome clients arrived to collect her little one this afternoon, bearing a little piece of heaven for our home. Little did she know how much this oasis would mean to me.

Years ago, when I still used to pine for ‘real spring’ before winter was really ready to leave town, my husband encouraged me to take little trips to places where there were signs of life in the great outdoors. He said he didn’t like to find me “a puddle on the floor”.

Now we’re aware of seasonal affective disorder, which helps. I’ve also learned to appreciate more daylight hours and gradually increasing temperatures in spite of early spring snowstorms and fluctuations in day-to-day weather.

That being said, there is just no replacement for green plants pushing pretty colours of new life up through the soil, especially toward the end of winter.

“If thou of fortune be bereft, And in thy store there be but left Two loaves, sell one, and with the dole, Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.”

-John Greenleaf Whittier

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Basketball, actually.

Growing up, I never cared about competitive sports, especially those involving a ball.

In a grade 10 co-ed phys-ed class my poor old teacher finally just said to me during a class where we were ‘learning’ to play football, “Just follow Keith. If he runs that way, you run that way. If he runs this way, you run this way.” Finally, something I could wrap my non-athletic head around. I don’t know which of us was more relieved that I passed the class. I was done and didn’t ever have to take P.E. again. Something to cheer about.

Imagine my delight when all 3 of our children turned out to love playing ball sports. Go team! Hehe.

Naturally, I have spent many evenings in the past decade watching my son and daughters shed blood, sweat, and tears over what happened to the ball. It’s been fun, actually. I’m a very good spectator mom, I think.

(If you’ve seen me in this role and find my ignorance of sport painfully apparent; in short, if you disagree, kindly allow me to carry on in blissful ignorance.)

Tonight we had a great time watching our youngest daughter play in her first game of this weekend’s home basketball tournament. She’ll be graduating from high school this summer, so everything feels more final, and looking back, I wouldn’t have had it all any other way.

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I first became interested in rooibos (red bush) ‘tea’ when I firstbecame enchanted with Alexander McCall Smith’s adorable character, Precious Ramotswe. In case you are unfamiliar with the works of my favourite living author, Precious (we are on a first-name basis) is the main character in the brilliant series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency…

While waiting eagerly for the next instalment, or if too much time elapses between reading one book (about her) and the next, I sometimes feel ‘I just need to spend an hour with Precious!’

Back to her favourite drink; she is frequently to be found brewing a cup of this lovely ‘herbal’ drink. So I had to look into it, and sure enough, it’s caffiene-free. I don’t ever drink black tea, white tea, or green tea, as I understand they are all from the same plant, which produces a very caffeinated beverage. Avoiding these is part of my religion’s health code. Same goes for coffee, alcohol, tobacco etc. Hence, my relief to discover that Precious and I could have something in common!

There are many things we don’t have in common; for instance, she is a black lady who lives happily in her home country of Botswana, while I am a white lady who dwells happily in my home country of Canada.

She has received the traditionally culturally appropriate compliment of being called ‘a very fat lady’ whereas no one has ever thus flattered me.

She is a private detective, whereas I devote my days to and earn my living by caring for little children in my home.

This list could go on almost indefinitely…

So I’m happy to report that whenever I read of Mma Ramostswe sipping her steaming red bush tea, I feel we are, after all- kindred spirits.

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Feeling pretty blessed today to have my sisters. They’re the best. I can’t imagine my life without them.

I am the oldest, but not my much! Haha. Actually though, I learn so much from their wisdom; I grow so much in their unconditional love. I have smiled countless smiles and laughed countless laughs with them, so my life is richer by far because they are in it.

Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me three wonderful sweet sisters to go through life with.

They advise me, love my family, encourage and inspire me, and motivate me to take good care of myself.

Who else can understand me like the ones I grew up with; who ‘popped out of the same mould’ and are made of the same stuff…?

As the scriptures say about charity, I can say about my sisters… they are long-suffering, kind, unselfish, think the best they can of me…

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Gratitude vs Self-Pity.

I had some testing done last summer and as a result of the results, have had to change the way I eat. This was never fun, but for the first few months I was enthusiastic; hopeful at least. I felt confident it would help.

Then further testing revealed complications that require further dietary limitations. Somehow that was a tipping point for me. It became discouraging and overwhelming.

I started taking breaks from the way I knew I should be feeding my body. Wavering in my willingness and commitment to do what it takes.

Today I did some motivational reading and gave myself a much needed pep-talk. Instead of just feeling sorry for myself because of what I can’t eat (which IS a lot) I decided I need to try and cultivate some gratitude for the knowledge I have and the means afforded me to improve my health!

How many people the world over have similar health challenges and don’t know what to do, much less have the means and support to do it?

Gratitude wins.

Hopefully I can eventually resolve these issues and reintroduce many foods that are now off-limits. That’s the plan.

I can still enjoy baking sourdough for people I love!

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