What a man.

My husband is tall, bulky, and handsome. He has warm toned skin and pale blue eyes. His hair is dark (grey 😉 and curling. He’s as strong as an ox, and can do anything. Especially things I am less inclined to do myself. He’s always warm, except when he gets too hot. He’s smart and funny, and often romantic.

But I digress. What makes him such a great man to me is that on top of all the above-mentioned attractive qualities, this guy has one big heart, of which his strong arms and helping hands are simply an extension.

He has always been 100% hands-on as a parent with me. When the children were babies this meant that once he came home from work, he was all-in with family dinner, dishes, bathtimes, bedtimes, and night wakings! As our little people grew bigger, he was always up for playing cars on the living room floor, building an awesome backyard sandbox, romping around with them icy lakes (summer) and ice-cold snow forts (winter). He still comes home after long work days and before I have time to think of what help I’d most appreciate with recovering the house after dayhome, he’s doing whatever I haven’t gotten to yet.

I could go on, but that’s enough for tonight.

#blessed #realman #marriage #family #love

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