Disclaimer: I am not an exercise guru. Occasionally I do a little something. These days, it’s not very often, and it’s not very regular. And it’s never been very hard. At all.

That said, I used to take long lovely walks at least 5 days a week, after my children went to school in the mornings. That was the best. And before they were in school, I still walked out and about with them very often. What I like about walking is: everything. Being outside with all its sights, sounds, smells, and fresh air; being with a friend or two, and/ or being with our old dog, or being on my own; feeling alive and part of the world I live in; going fast or slow-  far, or not so far- depending on how I feel and how much time and energy I have; feeling free to choose my own adventure.

The main features of taking walks with my little dayhome children are the double jogging stroller, and singing the alphabet song. Sometimes we walk to a playground, to the creek, or just out in the hills; other times we go to the library. It’s always an adventure, but depending on how many little ones I have on a given day, and how little those little ones are, and the wind/weather, and naptimes etc, we frequently make it only as far as the backyard.

So then there’s (small, light) hand weights in the playroom. I can do quite a lot with these while the children are dancing and playing to music videos they love. And of course there’s yoga. And pilates. These simple exercise methods are a blessing in several ways. I can do them on the grass in the summer while the little people play outside, or inside any time of year. I appreciate that I can practise a few poses, and if able, I can practise a few more. This is largely dependent on whether my small companions are using my body as a jungle gym (they love downward dog) or if they are trying to follow along with me. This is exceptionally cute.

In any case, it feels good to have a body I can move around in.

#exercise #children #walking #yoga #body


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