As much as I appreciate electronic reminders and alarm clocks, I must confess I regard them as a necessary evil. Ideally I would wake in the mornings un-alarmed after a restful night of sleep, and mindfully remember my little to-do tasks without the help of my phone. In a perfect world.

In real life, however, I find I am rather reliant on these little helps.

One thing I love and wouldn’t be without even if I could is my paper daybook. I confess I always buy Moleskine notebook style weekly calendars and don’t see that changing. Pen is fine but I also like wooden pencils. Sharpened by hand. With an eraser on the other end. Ideally, painted yellow.

This method of ordering my days feels timeless to me,and also reminds me of the thrill of being a student.

Leonardo DaVinci wrote in notebooks. On paper, with some kind of writing stick… (feather?) so did William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson. And likely JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Maybe that’s part of the magic of writing by hand on actual paper…?

Also, it never needs to be plugged in.

I wonder how many of us there are- committed to keeping some paper in our lives, in addition to typing on a screen.

#moleskine #paper #writing #calendar #writers

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