When I was about 8 years old, our Grandpa gave us a piano. Our mom arranged for us to have lessons and did what parents do; not only allowing, but actively encouraging us to practice!

When I was 16, I decided it was a good time to quit. It was actually a terrible time to quit; just before an exam, but I wouldn’t be reasoned with.

Naturally, as an adult I have suffered plenty of well-deserved regret for that rash decision. Arranging the time and money for continuing piano lessons as a busy parent is rather more demanding than just showing up and practicing was when my parents paid and supported. C’est la vie, Leah!

This winter my dear husband brought our old piano out to the garage where he took it apart and sanded it down, then refinished it with Danish Oil. In the cold dark evenings after two hours of commuting to and from his busy job as a high school principal. Who knew what a glorious colour the wood really was under the original dark varnish?!

It’s so beautiful, and I’m so grateful.

By Christmas is was back in the house, re-acclimatized, and had recovered under the expert hands of the piano tuner.

It’s such a joy to me to play it and hear our children play it too.

#husband #love #piano #music #home

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