This is definitely not a unique idea… I believe it was James M. Barrie who said, “God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” And I’ll add, God gave us the technology of photography so that we might see those June roses blooming in December!

Ed Sheeran’s beautiful music video, Photograph, is only one example of our cultural appreciation of these magical images. Sometimes a photo allows me to travel to far away places I have yet to see in person; sometimes it allows me the adventure of time travel…

This afternoon one of my sweet sisters sent me a link to a photo essay; “Long-Lost Images Show What Hasn’t Changed About Motherhood In 50 Years” and it didn’t take me very many minutes to choose a few favourites. These pictures were first published half a century ago; that really is what makes it so special. Many of the moments captured in these precious images look very familiar to me as a mother.

I find it incredible (not being of an especially tech-savvy bent myself) that we can seize a moment and store and share what we saw, especially online. It’s a permanent reminder of what was beautiful or touching to us. And I feel it’s a very powerful way to relate to others; showing you a photo is a way of letting you see through my eyes, even if only for a split second.

Here are a few photographs I snapped a picture of this afternoon of my own babies. They’re all candid, from when each of my little loves was about 10 months old. I have them displayed at eye level here on my desk in the living room, so I see them all the time. It’s like preserving fruit in a clear glass bottle, don’t you think?

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