My mentor…

Kari. I met her when I was fourteen years old; our families became friends through church shortly after she and her family emigrated from Europe. She and my mother connected really well and I became close with her oldest child, who was about my age.

It wasn’t until later that I realized how much I liked her. As many teenagers do, I gravitated to the parent of a close friend and soon came to treasure the time I spent with her.

As a young wife and mother I thought of her often and was constantly inspired by her down-to-earth, gentle example. I wanted to be as nurturing with my children as I’d seen her be with hers.

She and my own dear mother are still close friends, and so are Kari and I. My life is forever blessed because she made time to connect with someone else’s teenager.

I wonder how many of us become a bit (or more than a bit, as the case may be) rebellious in our youth… and how many caring and understanding adults ever realize the enormous impact of their kindness toward their children’s friends. Or their friend’s children.

I hope the teens in my life know and feel my love and support. It’s such a tricky time for so many kids; I want to help others along as this dear friend has helped me.

#blessed #grateful #friends #family

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