As much as I enjoyed going out for a walk in the sun for the children to play in the snow today, the fact is this: I spend most of my time in the house.

Every day, and especially in the middle of winter, I appreciate the gift of potted plants. It’s a little thing that makes a big difference to the way it feels to be indoors.

It’s a bit like hanging pictures of loved ones on the walls; it’s a bit of joy that I wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.

How much else in life is like houseplants! How often we can hold on to a little piece of something sweet and lovely in a time or place it wouldn’t occur naturally…

Chinese restaurants in western Canada. BBC television programs in my Apple TV. Hand-drawn pictures from my dayhome children who are now off to school. Bach piano music in a book on the piano. Australian cook Donna Hay’s recipes in my kitchen. Henry Sambono’s incredible Australian Aboriginal art on my son’s bedroom wall. A souvenir Going-To-The-Sun Road sign in the family room. My parents’ voices on the telephone. Seafood in Alberta. And yes, an ornamental (fig) tree in my living room.

#transplants #donnahay #henrysambono #bbc #appletv #bach #goingtothesunroad #children

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