I tried a new game for the first time this weekend. It’s a bit like Yahtzee (for others of you who have come this far in life without playing Farkle)… but played with six dice, not five. Any old piece of paper will do for a scoresheet. Excellent accompanied by hot chocolate and lots of candlelight, as I discovered.

Once my turn came around I could keep rolling the dice to add points, as long as I could add points with least one die from each roll. If I rolled without making any points, I lost all the points I’d accumulated in that turn. Yuck.

I’ll admit that at one point I heard faint strains of Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler song somewhere in my mind. Thank Heaven we don’t gamble! A game is just a game; a social way to pass a little time and use our heads a bit while having a laugh together.

However, I do think there are some real similarities between Farkle and Real Life.

In both cases it’s impossible to predict the future, but often necessary to use my best guess to decide what to do next. Should I hold on to what I’ve got, or risk losing that in an attempt to make a further gain…?

In both Farkle and Real Life, the first hurdle is just getting into the game. (The game requires five hundred points while living in this world demands that we survive birth and childhood.)

Also in both Real Life and this little game, it’s wisest to consider the source of advice and possible or likely motives of advisors before blindly trusting and following it. Farkle allows one player to piggyback on the points gained by another; this could influence advice given. It could. Or someone could just try to help another player who is new to the game, as was the case for me in my first foray into playing.

#family #friends #hygge #lifelessons

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