Long talks.

It usually doesn’t happen until the end of the day; conversations that start out small, simple, and often silly.

Our children are all young adults now and it’s beautiful to me how the little habit we made when they were babies- of spending some time together before bed- has stuck.

Gone are the days of 7pm snuggles on our big bed, reading some scriptures and praying very brief family prayers… these days it takes discipline on our part to wind down our family chats in time for a good night’s sleep so we can get up for work and school the next day! I love it.

Of course we still read scriptures and pray together, but now the casual banter surrounding these usually evolves into discussing things that really matter.

This is a precious,almost magical time to me as a mother… Every night is a gift I’m holding onto with both hands and enjoying with all my heart. They’re old enough now to have these really engaging conversations with, and still young enough to be here! At least some of them, for a while.

Miss you tonight Mary… xo

#family #time #prayer #scripture #conversation #treasures

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