Sourdough bread.

I happened upon Susie’s Sourdough Circus in the children’s library one day- maybe a couple years ago…? Brought it home to read to my little dayhome children. The rest is history…

Not necessarily a smooth history, I hasten to add! It took me longer than I like to admit before I kicked my old bread making habits and got the hang of it.

Suffice it to say that my poor family wished I’d just quit trying already before I finally stopped making bread-bricks and started producing something delicious. I couldn’t blame them; one can’t get edible sourdough bread by handling the dough as one would handle commercial-yeast-raised bread.

Happily, I enjoyed the effort, and felt sure I’d figure it out sooner or later. I read online and in books, talked to other sourdough bakers, and finally realized that sourdough is a whole different animal. Super sticky dough, seemingly eternal wait times, gentle stretching as opposed to vigorous kneading, baking in an ungreased pan with a lid on top in a very hot oven for about twice as long as I used to bake a loaf of regular bread in a greased loaf tin, etc.

Also, a world of satisfaction!

I made my own ‘ starter’ with just flour and water in a glass bottle. Added some to a bowl of water and flour- with some sea salt, and treated it just right (which largely involved leaving it alone 😉 for a day or so… and voila! It still amazes and delights me.

Here’s what my kitchen counter looks like most days these days:

Clearly this could grow to be a very long post. If anyone is interested, I obviously like to talk about this little hobby, so I could share my recipe! Let me know…

#wponthego #sourdough

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