Village-style child-raising.

I realized at church today how very many people have helped us raise our children. We’ve almost never lived near our parents and siblings in the almost 22 years of our marriage, but because of good friends, neighbours, and ‘church family’ we’ve been blessed with plenty of support bringing up our son and daughters.

Our son just returned before Christmas from serving a two-year mission for our church. He saved money his whole life to become a missionary so he could share the gospel of Jesus Christ when he was old enough, and loved every minute of it when his time came.

Today I looked around the chapel, spotting the Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, and family friends we’ve had dinners and play days at the lakes with over the last decade or so we’ve lived in this pretty little town… and how many, many people we invited to our son’s homecoming lunch next Sunday afternoon after church.

I thank Heaven with all my grateful heart for the dozens and dozens and dozens of good people who have been part of the ‘village’ in which we’re blessed to bring up our family.

#grateful #blessed #church #family #community #children #mission #Christian #lds #village

(at the airport meeting him that happy December night!)

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