Snow play!

I really felt like I came back to life today!

It was barely freezing outside and we still have piles of snow, especially in the backyard as it’s east of the house, in the lee of the wind.

Once I got all six of my little dayhome children bundled up and out into the snow, I scrambled into my gear and headed out to join them… We climbed up (this was an impressive feat for the one-year-olds) onto a few feet of heaped and drifted but now sticky snow. Perfect for snowballs, which we played for a good while together!

I’d be interested to know if there’s an Inuit word for this particular kind of snow…?

Wondering this also brings to my mind the fascinating work of Robert MacFarlane; I follow him on Twitter and love reading the ‘lost’ outdoor/ nature words. I’d also like to read his books since I heard a CBC radio interview with him last year…

#wponthego #snowplay #childtime #backtolife #wordsforsnow? #RobertMacFarlane

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