Knitting socks!

I am happy to say that so far I’m successful with learning at last to knit socks! Thanks to Liat Gat and her brilliant pattern and video course, even I can accomplish this little miracle with sticks and string.

Did I mention that I attempted this project about 16 months ago and was so frustrated (once I got to the heel) that I unravelled it, rolled it up, and tucked it away until my courage and determination returned.

After many more successful hats, scarves, and neck-warmers, I was ready to tackle the challenge again. Clearly such handiwork is not an automatic strong point for me. However I’m learning that although I don’t always catch on to these things quickly, I don’t readily give up either.

So maybe stubbornness can be a saving grace for natural ineptitude.

Here are the socks so far. Two-at-once, Toe-up!

#wponthego #knitting #socks #LiatGat #littlethings #stickingtoit #tryingagain

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