The doctor asked me this afternoon if I know what triggers my chronic migraines. I sure wish I did. I’m now reclining in my bed with an ice pack propped at a jaunty angle atop the light-blocking eye mask which is shading my left eye from the bedside lamp and window. As much fun as this whole thing is, I would do just about anything in my power to avoid repeating it as nauseum, let me tell you!

However, I thank Heaven that I have a comfy bed in which to recline, an eye mask for shade, an ice pack for beautiful relief, a great family to pick up the slack while I’m thus engaged, a doctor and pharmacist close by, healthcare and prescription expenses covered, and a phone in my hand on which to write this little blog post.

I’d rather be #knitting #reading #baking #sourdoughbread #walkinginawinterwonderland

#wponthwgo #blessed

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