Bread babies.

When I lay down in bed with a migraine yesterday afternoon, I left a couple bowls of my sourdough still fermenting on the kitchen counter. I’d mixed them in the morning, and given them a few stretch-and-folds, but they needed more time to finish their bulk fermentation, and then they needed to be shaped and placed in their rising baskets, and tied into plastic bags in the fridge overnight before being turned into stone and clay bakeware and finished off in a hot oven this morning. Pretty involved, right?

My excellent husband bravely stepped up to the plate and got on with it all! What a man. He asked for detailed instructions (which I sent him by text message) and none of my sourdough was lost. He has one grateful and admiring wife.

My family have long referred to the sourdough as ‘bread babies’ and I guess all this is why. Not only are they soft and squishy, and require frequent tuckings-in during their frequent naps, but they are generally pretty labour-intensive as well as highly satisfying as a finished product.

#sourdough #homemadebread #realman #heavenlyhusband #wponthego #breadbabies #truelove

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