I didn’t read Cornelia Funk’s Inkheart novels, but several years ago my children did. So we watched the film together and I love what it has to say about the power of the written word. The scene that most indelibly wrote this message on my mind is near the end of the show, when Eliza Bennett’s character realizes that she can change reality by writing… She’s in a kind of birdcage and desperately begins scrawling the story she wants to be in- on her skin.

History is full of examples of writing changing reality; evil works such as Hitler’s Mein Kampf; and thankfully on the other end of the spectrum inspiring scriptures such as the Bible.

I am convinced that I am writing my life’s story as I go. By (compulsively) writing in my journal I end up creating my thoughts, words, and actions ahead of time. Also, writing out my day in retrospect helps with my (frequently abysmal) short-term memory!

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