What a man.

My husband is tall, bulky, and handsome. He has warm toned skin and pale blue eyes. His hair is dark (grey 😉 and curling. He’s as strong as an ox, and can do anything. Especially things I am less inclined to do myself. He’s always warm, except when he gets too hot. He’s smart and funny, and often romantic.

But I digress. What makes him such a great man to me is that on top of all the above-mentioned attractive qualities, this guy has one big heart, of which his strong arms and helping hands are simply an extension.

He has always been 100% hands-on as a parent with me. When the children were babies this meant that once he came home from work, he was all-in with family dinner, dishes, bathtimes, bedtimes, and night wakings! As our little people grew bigger, he was always up for playing cars on the living room floor, building an awesome backyard sandbox, romping around with them icy lakes (summer) and ice-cold snow forts (winter). He still comes home after long work days and before I have time to think of what help I’d most appreciate with recovering the house after dayhome, he’s doing whatever I haven’t gotten to yet.

I could go on, but that’s enough for tonight.

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I keep Sundays different from other days for religious reasons. It’s about my faith in and love for the Lord.

However, the benefits reach far beyond spiritual ones, so I’d really recommend this practise to anyone and everyone!

Who couldn’t benefit from a rest day once a week? Physical and mental health can only be improved by a real break from the hustle and bustle and daily demands of life in the world as we know it. Plus it’s awesome to have built-in (or carved-out, as the case may be) time for so many sweet things that are hard to find or make time for on other days.

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Ah, little children. Nothing beats them for honesty.

Polite, kindly intentioned adults will (mercifully) tell each other white lies as occasion demands. For example, assuring me that my hair looks fine when in reality it looks like it did today.

Not so with the very young- oh no. And no need to ask for their opinion; it’s freely given, quite unsolicited.

Randomly, half way through this afternoon, a small, sweet child laughed in a friendly, conspiratorial manner with (read: at) me. While chuckling to me that my hair looked all crazy today.

This is the photo I took later today, to show the hairdresser who will be cutting my hair tomorrow. I’d been pseudo-planning on getting my hair cut for quite a while. Honestly.

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Disclaimer: I am not an exercise guru. Occasionally I do a little something. These days, it’s not very often, and it’s not very regular. And it’s never been very hard. At all.

That said, I used to take long lovely walks at least 5 days a week, after my children went to school in the mornings. That was the best. And before they were in school, I still walked out and about with them very often. What I like about walking is: everything. Being outside with all its sights, sounds, smells, and fresh air; being with a friend or two, and/ or being with our old dog, or being on my own; feeling alive and part of the world I live in; going fast or slow-  far, or not so far- depending on how I feel and how much time and energy I have; feeling free to choose my own adventure.

The main features of taking walks with my little dayhome children are the double jogging stroller, and singing the alphabet song. Sometimes we walk to a playground, to the creek, or just out in the hills; other times we go to the library. It’s always an adventure, but depending on how many little ones I have on a given day, and how little those little ones are, and the wind/weather, and naptimes etc, we frequently make it only as far as the backyard.

So then there’s (small, light) hand weights in the playroom. I can do quite a lot with these while the children are dancing and playing to music videos they love. And of course there’s yoga. And pilates. These simple exercise methods are a blessing in several ways. I can do them on the grass in the summer while the little people play outside, or inside any time of year. I appreciate that I can practise a few poses, and if able, I can practise a few more. This is largely dependent on whether my small companions are using my body as a jungle gym (they love downward dog) or if they are trying to follow along with me. This is exceptionally cute.

In any case, it feels good to have a body I can move around in.

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“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” So said Hippocrates.

At one point several years ago when I took a lot of medications regularly with my meals, my children (who had heard that quote from me a few times) used to laugh and say I was taking it too literally!

Seriously though, the more I learn about nutrition and its impact on the body, the more amazed and fascinated I am. And the more I want to learn. Books like Gut by Giulia Enders and The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer MD have become interesting recreational reading for me.

I make and enjoy bone broth and have even tried to cook up some tasty liver. (Unsuccessfully, so far) (Open to suggestions.) Also, I’m happy to savour other more palatable foods with beautiful nutritional benefits such as blueberries. That is my kind of medicine.

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As much as I appreciate electronic reminders and alarm clocks, I must confess I regard them as a necessary evil. Ideally I would wake in the mornings un-alarmed after a restful night of sleep, and mindfully remember my little to-do tasks without the help of my phone. In a perfect world.

In real life, however, I find I am rather reliant on these little helps.

One thing I love and wouldn’t be without even if I could is my paper daybook. I confess I always buy Moleskine notebook style weekly calendars and don’t see that changing. Pen is fine but I also like wooden pencils. Sharpened by hand. With an eraser on the other end. Ideally, painted yellow.

This method of ordering my days feels timeless to me,and also reminds me of the thrill of being a student.

Leonardo DaVinci wrote in notebooks. On paper, with some kind of writing stick… (feather?) so did William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson. And likely JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Maybe that’s part of the magic of writing by hand on actual paper…?

Also, it never needs to be plugged in.

I wonder how many of us there are- committed to keeping some paper in our lives, in addition to typing on a screen.

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Sourdough again!

This morning I took out and baked the second loaf from my other recent sourdough post… In a busy day with my little dayhome children it’s always fun to ‘wake up’ the ‘bread babies’ from their ‘naps’ and give them a stretch! Here are the happy results of today’s loaf: